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Summer Reading Print Page

MHS Overdrive is here!


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Summer reading titles now available!

Noble Overdrive

Overdrive offers some Summer Reading titles as eBooks and Audiobooks.  To access Overdrive through Noble, click on the following Noble image below.


   Axis 360

  • Offers eBooks and Audiobooks for some Summer Reading titles.
  • Best sellers in fiction & nonfiction are provided through Baker & Taylor.
  • Axis 360 is a purchased subscription through the Commonwealth e-book Collections program.
  • Download the App to simplify browsing & reading.
  • Introductory support information to help you get started.

    Free audio books for summer!


    English Department Summer Reading


    Honors, CP1 & CP2 (9th-12th) - Please choose one book from the following list:

         All American Boys by Jason Reynolds & Brendan Kiely (Fiction) MHS 2 eBooks & 2 Audiobooks; Axis360 eBook

    Quinn witnesses a brutal beating of a black ROTC student, and teammate, by a police officer who is like a father to him.  When the video goes viral, how can these boys, school, and town heal.  Will justice be served?


          All Souls: A Family Story from Southie by Michael P MacDonald (Biography) MHS 2 eBooks

    Growing up in the 1970s in South Boston's Old Colony housing project seemed like a dream come true for Helen MacDonald and her 11 children, but they had to face drugs, violence, suicide and organized crime to survive.  If that was not bad enough, once school desegration started with the busing of students between white South Boston & black Roxbury, all hell broke loose.

          All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven (Fiction) MHS 2 eBooks & 2 Audiobooks; Axis 360 2 eBooks

    This is the story about a boy who wants to die and a girl he shows how to live. Partnered for a history project, Finch takes Violet to all the bright places in Indiana as part of their final project before graduation.  As the two become closer, Violet can finally appreciate the beauty in life again after her sister’s death, just as Finch’s outlook dims.  Can love save them both?

          Audacity by Melanie Crowder (Historical Fiction) MHS 2 eBooks & Axis360 Ebook

    Working long hours in a sweatshop under terrible conditions to pay her family’s rent, Clara finds a way to go to school at night against her father’s wishes.  Set in NYC in the early 1900s, Clara, a Russian Immigrant Jewish girl, was the driving force behind the unionization of the garment factory workers.  This verse novel is based on the life of Clara Lemlich.


          Burn Baby Burn by Meg Medina (Historical Fiction) MHS 2 eBooks & Axis360 eBook

    Set in NYC during the hot summer of 1977 when the Son of Sam serial killer was hunting young girls that fit her profile, Nora Lopez finds the bodies not far from where she lives.  If that was not bad enough, her brother is fighting his own demons, her mother is barely getting by financially, and all she wants to do is get out of NYC and go to college.  Dealing with a mom that will barely let her out of her sight, Nora wonders if it is even worth it to risk your life for one night out?

         Dare to Disappoint: Growing up in Turkey by Ozge Samanci (Graphic Novel & Autobiography) MHS 2 eBooks

    In her first year in school, Ozge learned the daily Turkish Oath ceremony, military poses, marching, that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was the greatest leader, and that she was one of Ataturk’s little soldiers.  An incident at school left her feeling unsure of herself and questioning all she had been told.  While her parents wanted her to go to a prestigious university and learn computer science, she desperately wanted to follow her own dreams.  

          Die Young With Me: A Memoir by Rob Rufus (Autobiography) MHS 2 eBooks

    Growing up in rural West Virginia, Rob & his twin Nate, found their way to punk rock music. Just as their band, Defiance of Authority was born, Rob’s allergies started acting up, or so 2 doctors told him.  When his band began to take off, so did his allergies until the day he heard the word, “cancer.”  Rob used his love of music and determination to see him through surgeries, chemo and radiation.  

          Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell (Fiction) MHS 2 eBooks & 2 Audiobooks; Axis 360 4 eBooks & 1 Audiobook

    When your abusive and alcoholic step-father kicks you out of the house for a year, you try to not upset him again when you are allowed to come home.  Now in a new home, Eleanor has very few of her things and her clothes don’t even fit.  Looking like a clown she tries to find a seat on the bus.  After some nasty comments, Park finally snaps at her to sit with him.  Over time, the two come to understand one another and fall in love.  Just when things seem to be going well, Eleanor’s home life gets worse and in her time of need she turns to the only one she can, Park.

          Exit, Pursued by a Bear by E.K. Johnston (Realistic Fiction) MHS 2 eBooks & 2 Audiobooks; Axis360 eBook & Audiobook

    Told in a flashback, Hermione reaches out to her priest to talk about an incident that haunts her.  Readers relive the summer of her senior year at cheer camp and the experiences and the incident where everything went black for Hermione.  Vowing not to let her rape define her and make her a victim, Hermione finds out who her true friends really are and relies on her support system to survive.

          Four-Four-Two by Dean Hughes (Historical Fiction) MHS 2 eBooks & Axis360 eBook

    This story shows the horrendous treatment of Japanese Americans during WWII by the US.  After selling his family’s belongings at a fraction of the price, Yuki helps his family relocate to an Internment Camp in Utah.  Yuki enlists in the 442nd regimental combat unit to fight for his country, while still facing prejudice & resentment. This was the most highly decorated regiment in U.S. history with 314% casualty rate.

          Gutless by Carl Deuker (Fiction) MHS 2 eBooks & Axis360 2 eBooks

    Freshman, Brock Ripley, goes from soccer player to star receiver for Hunter, the QB.  Off the field, Hunter found a new person to bully, Ritchie Fang.  Unable to stand up to Hunter, Brock eventually befriends Ritchie after getting help with his math.  As the two become friends, they share their struggles at home each dealing with the health issues of a parent.  Now that Ritchie is the team’s gifted kicker, Brock hopes Hunter will finally leave Ritchie alone. 

          Last Seen Leaving by Caleb Roehrig (Fiction) MHS 2 eBooks & Axis360 eBook

    Shocked to find the detectives at his home, Flynn learns January, his girlfriend, is missing and only her bloody clothes were found.  Retracing her steps, Flynn discovers many conflicting stories only to wonder what’s the truth and if he will ever unravel the mystery of what happened to January.

          March: Book Three by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, & Nate Powell (Biography) Not available as an eBook

    This is the 3rd book in the trilogy of John Lewis’s March from Selma to Montgomery to ensure all African Americans be allowed to register to vote.  From the bombing of the 16th St. Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama where 4 African American girls died, Lewis shares the        extreme violence that these peaceful protestors faced from local law & state troopers under the direction of Gov. George Wallace.  This story    shows how one person, even from humble beginnings, can rally others to be a positive voice of change.

          My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, & Jodi Meadows (Fantasy) MHS 2 eBooks & 2 Audiobooks; Axis360 eBook &          Audiobook

    Edward, the King of England, is unknowingly being poisoned and coerced to leave his throne to his favorite cousin, Jane, by his trusted advisor Lord Dudley.  Naturally, Lord Dudley offers to have his son, Gifford, marry Jane so the two can help her run the kingdom.  When Ethians are persecuted for their ability to take animal form by Verities, or true humans, what will happen when Gifford’s secret, and many others are revealed?  Find out who will end up with the crown.

          Out Of The Easy by Ruta Sepetys (Historical Fiction) MHS 2 eBooks & 2 Audiobooks

    While Jessie cleans the New Orleans brothel where her mother works, she tries to stay out of her mother’s life.  When a murder in the French Quarter threatens to bring Jessie back into the underworld and ruin her chances of college, Jessie tries to find the truth while her allegiances are tested.  Set in 1950s New Orleans, as this mystery unfolds, Jessie will find help in the most unlikely places.

          Ready Player One by Ernest Cline (Science Fiction/Dystopian Future) MHS 2 eBooks & 2 Audiobooks; Axis360 2 eBooks & 2      Audiobooks

    When James Halliday, the co creator of OASIS an online massive multiplayer game, dies, and leaves his $240 billion inheritance buried deep within his game, it becomes known as Halliday’s Easter Egg.  The year is 2044 and the hunt is on!  After 5 years of trying, Wade (an 18 year old gamer), finally finds the 1st of 3 keys.  However, every gamer and even a huge corporation will stop at nothing to win the prize.

          Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton (Fantasy/Adventure) MHS 2 eBooks

    Arabian Nights meets the Wild West!  Fleeing her desert outpost, Amani enlists the help of a foreigner, Jin, to travel to Izman.  As the Sultan’s army hunts them, and they are confronted by the magic that lives in the desert, the two must rely on one another to survive.  Only then, are the secrets they each hold revealed.

          Samurai Rising: The Epic Life of Minamoto Yoshitsune by Pamela S. Turner (Historical Fiction) MHS 2 eBooks & Axis360 eBook

    Yoshitsune came from being exiled in a Buddhist temple to becoming one of the most successful leaders and tacticians in Japanese history as a samurai warrior.  He was the measure for all other samurai warriors for the next 700 years.

          Simon vs. the Homo Sapien Agenda by Becky Albertalli (Fiction) MHS 2 eBooks & 2 Audiobooks

    Simon Spier is a confident gay junior in high school, up until Martin, a friend, sees an open email of Simon’s from “Blue” & blackmails Simon to meet Abby, another friend of Simon’s.  While Simon is confident in his sexuality & orientation, he is not ready to come out yet, so Simon agrees to introduce Abby to Martin.  When Abby starts dating someone else, Martin outs Simon in a very public way and Simon fears he may have lost the one person who understood him, Blue.

          Stick by Michael Harmon (Fiction) MHS 2 eBooks

    This is the story of how Brett realizes football isn’t everything. When his alcoholic dad tries to relive his own glory days through Brett, Brett has finally had enough.  The unlikely friendship with Preston, his math tutor and friend, finally allows Brett to stick up for his friend when he gets a glimpse of Preston’s secrets and demons that haunt him.

          When We Collided by Emery Lord (Fiction) MHS 2 eBooks & Axis360 eBook

    In the face of family loss, an unlikely friendship & romance with a free spirited girl, Vivi, who’s run away from her past, shows Jonah and his family how to move on from their grieving.  As Jonah begins to take control of his life and his family comes together, Vivi starts to confront her own demons and begins to pull away.


    AP 12

             Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
             (MHS 2 eBooks & Noble Overdrive 4 eBooks)
    From Amazon: "A novel of intense power and intrigue, Jane Eyre has dazzled generations of readers with its depiction of a woman's quest for freedom. Having grown up an orphan in the home of her cruel aunt and at a harsh charity school, Jane Eyre becomes an independent and spirited survivor-qualities that serve her well as governess at Thornfield Hall. But when she finds love with her sardonic employer, Rochester, the discovery of his terrible secret forces her to make a choice. Should she stay with him whatever the consequences or follow her convictions, even if it means leaving her beloved?"
     Product Details      Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen
          (MHS 2 eBooks)
     From Amazon: "During an eventful season at Bath, young, naïve Catherine Morland experiences the joys of fashionable society for the first time. She is delighted with her new acquaintances: flirtatious Isabella, who shares Catherine's love of Gothic romance and horror, and sophisticated Henry and Eleanor Tilney, who invite her to their father's mysterious house, Northanger Abbey. There, her imagination influenced by novels of sensation and intrigue, Catherine imagines terrible crimes committed by General Tilney. With its broad comedy and irrepressible heroine, this is the most youthful and and optimistic of Jane Austen's works."
       Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys
       (EBook not available)
    From Amazon: "Wide Sargasso Sea is the story of Antoinette Cosway, a Creole heiress who grew up in the West Indies on a decaying plantation. When she comes of age she is married off to an Englishman, and he takes her away from the only place she has known--a house with a garden where "the paths were overgrown and a smell of dead flowers mixed with the fresh living smell. Underneath the tree ferns, tall as forest tree ferns, the light was green. Orchids flourished out of reach or for some reason not to be touched.."

    AP 11
          Language in Thought and Action  by  S. I. Hayakawa
          San Diego: Harcourt Brace & Company, 1995.
          (EBook not available, but Ms. Buono has limited copies available to borrow.)
    From Amazon: "Renowned professor and former U.S. Senator S. I. Hayakawa discusses the role of language in human life, the many functions of language, and how language;sometimes without our knowing;shapes our thinking in this engaging and highly respected book. Provocative and erudite, it examines the relationship between language and racial and religious prejudice; the nature and dangers of advertising from a linguistic point of view; and, in an additional chapter called,The Empty Eye, the content, form, and hidden message of television, from situation comedies to news coverage to political advertising."
    Product Details      The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2016 by Rachel Kushner
          Mariner Books, 2016.
          (MHS 2 eBooks)
    From Amazon: "In a small but comfortable conference room, in a publishing house in San Francisco, a group of high school students met weekly over the past year to read literary magazines, chapbooks, graphic novels, and countless articles. By the end of the year, with the help of a similar committee of high school students in Ann Arbor, and their guest editor, Rachel Kushner, they selected the contents of this anthology. The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2016 features stories about Bulgarian spaceships, psychedelic mushroom therapy, and a cyclorama in Iowa. If you don’t know what a cyclorama is, you aren’t alone. Read on to find out."
    The Language of Composition printed packet.  (See Ms. Buono)

    Social Studies Department Summer Reading

    Required Reading


    10 Honors Western Traditions:

      Mr. Butters

       Mr. Colfer

     Please check the teacher websites for a recommended reading assignment that will be posted there.

    US Honors:

      Ragtime by E. L. Doctorow

       MHS 2 eBooks & Axis360 eBook

    From Amazon: "An extraordinary tapestry, Ragtime captures the spirit of America in the era between the turn of the century and the First World War.

    The story opens in 1906 in New Rochelle, New York, at the home of an affluent American family. One lazy Sunday afternoon, the famous escape artist Harry Houdini swerves his car into a telephone pole outside their house. And almost magically, the line between fantasy and historical fact, between real and imaginary characters, disappears. Henry Ford, Emma Goldman, J. P. Morgan, Evelyn Nesbit, Sigmund Freud, and Emiliano Zapata slip in and out of the tale, crossing paths with Doctorow's imagined family and other fictional characters, including an immigrant peddler and a ragtime musician from Harlem whose insistence on a point of justice drives him to revolutionary violence."


    AP US Gov. and Politics:

            Selecting A President by Eleanor Clift 

             MHS 2 eBooks

    From Amazon: "Selecting a President explains the nuts and bolts of our presidential electoral system while drawing on rich historical anecdotes from past campaigns. Among the world's many democracies, U.S. presidential elections are unique, where presidential contenders embark on a grueling, spectacular two-year journey that begins in Iowa and New Hampshire, and ends at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Modern presidential campaigns are a marked departure from the process envisioned by America's founders. Yet while they've evolved, many of the basic structures of our original electoral system remain in place―even as presidential elections have moved into the modern era with tools like Twitter and Facebook at their disposal―they must still compete in an election governed by rules and mechanisms conceived in the late eighteenth century. In this book, Clift and Spieler demonstrate that presidential campaigns are exciting, hugely important, disillusioning at times but also inspiring."

    AP U.S.:

         Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community, and War

          by Nathaniel Philbrick

          MHS 2 eBooks & 2 Audiobooks

    From Amazon: "How did America begin? That simple question launches the acclaimed author of Bunker Hill and Valiant Ambition on an extraordinary journey to understand the truth behind our most sacred national myth: the voyage of the Mayflower and the settlement of Plymouth Colony. As Philbrick reveals in this electrifying history of the Pilgrims, the story of Plymouth Colony was a fifty-five year epic that began in peril and ended in war. New England erupted into a bloody conflict that nearly wiped out the English colonists and natives alike. These events shaped the existing communites and the country that would grow from them."



    AP Chemistry

    Ms. Friedrich has requested her AP students purchase a specific notebook.  Please purchase ONE of the following two options.


             Student Lab Notebook: 100 Spiral Bound duplicate pages

    (2013th Edition) by Hayden-McNeil Publishers




              Student Lab Notebook: 100 Top Bound Carbonless Duplicate Sets

      (2013th Edition) by Hayden-McNeil

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